Mértola and Pomarão, our Arab past

Mértola and Pomarão, our Arab past 1

First we went to Pomarão, an ancient land of river fishermen that saw its importance grow with the port of ore drainage from the mines of São Domingos.
Then we spent the afternoon in Mértola one of the few, if not the only city that manages to have a church in the form of a mosque, or is it a mosque with a cross? We liked the streets and the feeling of being in the past, the Lukas loved the space and as always the churches.

Mértola is the seat of the sixth largest municipality in Portugal, with 1 292.87 km² of

area and 7 274 inhabitants (2011), subdivided into 7 parishes. The municipality is limited to the north by the municipalities of Beja and Serpa, to the east by Spain, to the south by Alcoutim and to the west by Almodôvar and by Castro Verde.

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