Located on the shore of the Baltic coast, Palanga is probably the most famous seaside resort in Lithuania with it’s wonderful long sandy beaches, scented pines, quiet parks and perfect seaside bike roads. But don’t think that’s all the town has to offer, we really liked the quite typical architecture of it’s wooden houses or of it’s pier. From Palanga’s top picks the only place we don’t really recommend is Basanavicius street, the most famous street in Palanga is crowed and full of souvenir shop’s and arcades. We recommend the many parks and smaller streets of the city or renting a bike to explore the surrounding area.
It makes for a perfect family resort with lots to entertain any age child, or for a party all night youngster paradise due to it’s many bar’s and pubs.
We really enjoyed our time in Palanga, and would love to go back soon if we get a chance.