Tv and the imagination of a child

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Before our son was born we, like I imagine every parent out there, researched and discussed how we wanted to raise our son. And of course like many other parents we immediately agreed that television, mobile phones and tablet’s were not allowed. We wanted to encourage creativity, the passion for nature e his imagination. And so as a baby he barely knew what these things even were and he didn’t even show a lot of interest in them even if they were close. His aunt however had offer him a DVD of a Portuguese animation called Christmas paper, about recycling, and that movie just sat there for very long until one day looking at the cover he asked what it was and if he could see it. Well that was the start of a love story and also a turning point to his imagination and creativity, he would from that day on play and develop his how games about that imaginary world.
We are not experts in education and we would be the last people to suggest that television is something that should be a part of a child’s day, however it’s just curious that something we had always avoided ended up being what made him a more creative child.

The movie:
Papel de natal / Christmas wrapping paper

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Get out and have fun, weekly ideas on our channel
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