Arouca Geopark, Frecha da Mizarela

Arouca Geopark, Frecha da Mizarela 1

We were looking for a place to go hiking and our list included trails in Serra da Estrela, Arouca, Paiva, Serra do Sicó and others’. In the end, we chose to go to Serra da Freita and make a trail known as Frecha da Mizarela in Serra da Freita the location of the highest waterfall in Portugal and one of the highest in Europe with a jaw-dropping 75 meters. The trail starts in the campsite and is a circular its length depends on your choices because it crosses some other trails but you can make either an 8Km option or

about 20Km. We made several detours and I estimate that we made about 16Km to 20Km.
There are so many remarkable things on this trail and even though you might be considering the trip because of the waterfall we can tell you right now that there is much more to this place.
A big thumbs up and we hope to visit Arouca’s Geopark again soon, next time with Lukas.

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