Praia da Ursa | Best beaches in Portugal | not for the faint-hearted

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Sintra also has beaches

Not long ago we went with our son to Cabo da Roca and found information about a difficult trail leading to Praia da Ursa.

After going online we saw photos of the beach, a real paradise considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by the Michelin guide. We have been curious about it ever since but we were unsure about the difficulty and whether or not our son would be able to make it safely, so we decided not to take him and find out. As the trail is supposed to be hard our expectation was to find a real untouched beach with no one in sight, our very own paradise for a couple of hours.

The way down

The trail is indeed difficult and that’s mostly because of the last cliff descent. For the most part, it is pleasant and easy until you reach that final devilish part.

After some research, we did find that there are 3 different paths and sure enough we didn’t take the easy way down, no worries as we got some nice memories of our little adventure.

By car:

Drive to Cabo da Roca and park your car a little bit before Cabo da Roca.

By public transportation:

From Lisbon – Take the train in Cais do Sodré to Cascais and then the 403 Bus to Cabo da Roca, both leave hourly.

Then choose your difficulty and follow our map.

The Beach

After a trail full of emotions the beach was a deserved prize and if you do get there you are greeted with a beautiful empty paradise of a beach. On the northern side, there is a little waterfall which makes this even more remarkable and the only thing we are sorry for is not going for a swim, the water was freezing!


If you enjoy sea life then you will be super happy there are lots of small shells on every rock you look at and lots to explore.

It really is a small paradise and right next to Cabo da Roca, one of the most touristic places in Portugal.

Where to stay?

If you plan on getting to know this area and visit more of this natural park, and you should, you can find here some of the most popular places to stay:

Get out and have fun, weekly ideas on our channel
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