The Ultimate Guide to Porto’s World of Discoveries: A Cultural Expedition

World of discoveries Porto

We went to Porto, actually to Vila Nova de Gaia visiting family. And of course, as we wake up super early we had to research activities for families with kids in Porto and the choice was to go to the world of discoveries.
As we were in Vila Nova de Gaia we decided to take the metro and the funicular and enjoy a little of downtown Porto. It was the hottest day Porto has ever seen, at least that’s what it felt like so walking to the museum was a lot harder than we tough and it meant we had to carry our son for the last part of the walk.

The world of discoveries is a mix between a museum and a theme park in a Disney style and the theme is the Portuguese discoveries, a period in witch sailers where the adventurers and the world still largely unknown.
It’s an interesting place and very easy to visit despite it’s 5000m2 the visit is pleasant, interesting and relatively short given that most of it is on a boat that showcases the different cultures the sailors discovered.

We think any child would enjoy it, especially the boat ride, at least our son did, as the visit is not long and in a more child-friendly style they don’t have enough time to start getting bored.

Who is this for?

Families who want to spend an hour learning a little more about the discoveries period in a relaxed Disney style environment. Not be taken too seriously or to think of this as a traditional museum because although there is plenty of information it’s mostly available on interactive screens. There are some guided tours, one of them was starting when we entered but we decided not to join it as we were not sure a three-year-old would enjoy that much information.

Where is it?

Openning hours

Weekdays – 10h Ă s 18h
Weekends and holidays – 10h Ă s 19h

Prices and ticket office

Children (4 a 12) – €8 (7,30€ – online)
Adults – €14 – (12,78€ – online)

Online tickets –

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