Vila Nova de Milfontes, good food, beaches and a huge waterfall

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A place close to our heart

Vila Nova de Milfontes is a coastal town not far from where we live, it was actually the first place we went together when we met.

We spent an entire month in the camping here while travelling by car to see the coastline north and south of Milfontes. It has a special place in our hearts and the streets are full of old memories of those days, the shops, the restaurants, coffee shops and pubs all old a piece of our history.

This weekend we decided to revisit Vila Nova de Milfontes and show our son what a wonderful place it is, we arrived at lunch hour so the first thing was to find a place to eat.

Good restauraurants everywhere

If you enjoy good food this town will be a perfect place for you, there are at least 3 very good restaurants here and the problem might be getting a place to stay so reservations seem to be a common practice here. The first restaurant we entered we waited for 25 minutes only to be told it was fully booked, so we went back to the car and drove to the small fishing port where we had a wonderful meal and enjoy fantastic views, highly recommended.

Calm family friendly beaches

After a short walk near the cliffs to enjoy the view we went to the beach to enjoy a bit of sun but most importantly to let our son play for some time. And Vila Nova de Milfontes is a great place for some relaxed family holidays, we went to the beach on the river shore and it’s perfect to be with small kids, there are no waves very little wind and you can easily keep an eye on your son, so this is a top place for family holidays. If you enjoy surfing, waves or walking for miles on the cliffs guess what, this is also the place for you, you can walk until your legs hurt as the coastal hiking trail that goes all the way to Sagres passes tight through these beaches.

The secret waterfall

And for many years this is what made us visit Milfontes, little did we know that this town had a secret hidden just 5Km away. We had read about a waterfall before and this time we decided we had to find it, plus we are not really beach people and we get restless and impatient to just stay too long in the same place so it was a perfect plan. We parked the car and we started walking while consulting google earth until we found it! And it’s impressive, so much so that we cannot believe this is not talked about more.

How to get to the waterfall

The waterfall is at the coordenates:

37°45’12.3″N 8°43’02.3″W

But if you should point your gps at the first marker and procede on foot.

special thanks to the blog “daspalavras” for helping us discover this place.


Where to Stay?

Plenty of options in the area, check out some of the most popular here:

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