One of the top hikes in Portugal – Alamal

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We love the outdoors, and of course, hiking is a family favourite. Alamal is listed as one of the best hiking experiences in Portugal and as a bonus, we have family there so this has been on our list for quite some time. We have been waiting for Lukas to be old enough to be able to finish it and this year we decided he could try. We have already completed a 6Km hike with him and it went well so we went for it.
The complete hike is circular and it’s quite long with around 15Km, half of the trail goes near the river. 15Km sound a bit too much for a 3 year old, so we decided to make only the section that is along the river. We left one car in Belver and took another to the dam to start the hike.
The views are amazing and it’s quite safe to make it with a child even though some parts have quite a lot of stairs, too big for a child so we had to carry him, but for the most part, it’s easy enough.

Near the end, you reach Alamal Beach, a river beach where you can have a snack in the coffee or just relax and enjoy the view to Belver and it’s castle. From Alamal beach to Belver village the trail continues on a wooden walkway always next to the river all the way to Belver’s bridge and we believe that’s the highlight of the hike, unfortunately, we could only experience the very beginning as the fires of last summer destroyed it. The reconstruction was taking part at the time, so it should be concluded soon enough.


Of course, this meant we could not reach our car and we had to go up and down the mountain while taking our son in our arms.
It’s a very relaxing hike and we would certainly recommend going there with some extra time to be able to visit Belver or even take a boat ride on the river, just don’t make the same mistake and check if the wooden part is open.

How to get there:

Where to stay?

Belver is a superb place to unwind and relax while being close to the hike and other touristic attractions like the river beach museums or the castle. See some of your options here:

Hike map:

Mapa trilho do alamal

Get out and have fun, weekly ideas on our channel
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