Parque Biológico de Gaia – Best nature place near Porto

parque biologico de gaia

When travelling with kids you often feel that you need a rest from the thousands of tourists that flood the city centres, you’ll want to just walk in nature and enjoy some fresh air while being able to let your kid run free and play.
Look no further…

Parque Biológico de Gaia

We were in need of a break and we google the area for some outdoor nature walks. We found a couple of parks nearby like Parque da Lavandeira an awesome place to visit as well, and this one Parque biológico de Gaia a perfect mix of nature walks and education.
This 35-hectare environmental education centre is a wonderful place to learn and experience the ecosystems of this region. It’s well kept and respectful of animals with many being able to roam free and the ones that don’t are usually not able to because of injuries or life in captivity.
You can enjoy a discovery walk of about 3Km where you will be able to see more than 200 species of animals from the region. With a restaurant, a guest house, library, auditorium and even a motorhome park there is little to complain about when it comes to facilities.

Our experience. Is it really worth it?

If you didn’t guess it already we think it’s a must see if you are in this region. It’s the perfect program to unwind and be able to appreciate a nature walk while learning something new about the ecosystem of this area. This also seems to be a chosen place for wild animals to nest and it provides a safe haven for many of the species you find here.

See our video bellow:

Night of the fireflies

One of the highlights and something we plan to see is the night of the fireflies that takes place here in June. It’s famous and it’s supposed to be a must see but you do need to book in advance.

For families with kids

From wild animals, birds and old oak trees to old farmhouses, clothes and water mills, we can assure you the entire family will be entertained here no matter the age. Go ahead, connect with nature and let your kids learn something about it.

At night in the park

The park has some activities like bat education, a night in the park and a night visit. These are mostly oriented at schools and they do require booking in advance.


€3 adults
€1 Kids from 7 to 17 years old
free for children up to 6 years old


Every day from 10am closes between 18:00 and 20:00 depending on the season.


How to get there?

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