Trampoline park in Lisbon, our son’s favourite spot

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If there is one experience our son just won’t forget it’s this day. The first time we came here he was 3 years old and we had a blast, but Aiste injured her leg trying to do some flips and we never went back, until now.
We were alone in Lisbon and after giving him some options he wanted to start the day with trampolines so we went to Bounce a local trampoline park near Carnaxide.

Should a child use a trampoline?

After Aiste’s injury and if you read some articles on trampoline parks, there is some risk of injuries. Some pediatric surgeon’s say that children under the age of 6 years old should not ever use a trampoline as their bones are not yet strong enough to withstand the repetitive pressure from jumping.
There is also the risk of improper landings (like Aiste), falls and collisions so we wouldn’t suggest taking your child without proper attention or becoming a regular at trampoline parks without talking to your doctor.
Even though we are not experts and you should follow the advice for your child, we think that an occasional hour of play on these parks with close supervision is ok.
In this trampoline park (Bounce) the minimum age is 3 years old.

See our experience here:

Bounce Portugal

The trampoline park is clean and the staff is super friendly. There is lot’s of space so we could always find a nice safe spot to be while away from other older children. The trampolines are all in great shape so it does feel safe.
The park is divided into sections of only trampolins, tag games, basketball, acrobatic jumps into a mattress and an expert area.
They have good facilities, lockers and they even organize birthday parties.

Jumping experience

It’s tiring, very tiring – but so much fun – and this is not only Lukas experience, I had a blast and I would surely want to do it again. I felt like a kid and I liked it.
Many times I feel jealous of Lukas being able to play in parks and I’m always just watching. Why can’t we use the swings, the slides and other games? Well not here, we can jump, climb, play and dunk in a basket so it’s a fun day for all the family.


€12 if you are over 110cm
€10 if you are less than 110cm
Family ticket (4)
You need to buy their socks to use the park, so take that into account.


Where is it?

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