Constância’s astronomy park in Portugal

Constância's astronomy park in Portugal 1

We love visiting Portugal´s science centre’s and this one in Constância was a delight, just because well, because we are a science fiction family and love everything that is space related. We though the park was ok to visit in rainy weather so we were lucky the rain stopped and we could enjoy the outdoor equipments that we didn’t know about. There is certainly a lot to do and experiment here and oh my how we wish we lived close by to be able to join the workshop’s they have and the astronomy courses. But I bet we will be

going back here to enjoy at least the observatory once Lukas is just a little bit older.

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Our gear:

Canon 80d –
gopro –
feiyu tech wg2 –

Canon 10mm-18mm –
Canon 28mm 2.8 IS –
Canon 50mm 1.8 –

Lowepro protactic 350 aw –
K&F Concept ND Fader Variable Neutral Density –

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