Back mounted child bicycle seat, our son hates it

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It has been a long time since we went on a bicycle ride, and the reason is that our son hates his bike seat, and I really do mean hates. He will cry, shout and complain the entire duration of the ride. Last time we had to take turns taking him because we were going crazy.
This weekend our plan was to go camping and we had our tent and all our gear ready and then the weather changed and it started raining so we had to stay home.

Our experience with our bike seat

As we cannot stay still we decided to try the bike seat again. Who knows maybe now that he is older he will enjoy it, and he did for 15 minutes he was really happy, pointing at stuff and making questions but then…
Everything went south, he just doesn’t like to be strapped on the back without participating. Our bike seat is rear mounted Polisport chair and while it does seem to be good quality and safe it does mean he stays passive and not apart of the trip.

Alternative bike seat

If you are looking into buying a child seat try to rent one and we would recommend a front mounted one. We rented one while travelling and we made a ride of an entire afternoon with him and he was super happy.

The advantages we found were enough to make us regret not having bought one.

  • Your child will see more of the action
  • You can talk to your child easily
  • You can interact and explain things as you go
  • Your child can ring the bicycle bell. Believe us he will be happy to have that job, warning people.

You may think that this makes your child more exposed to the elements or that he doesn’t feel safe, we certainly did. But in our family, Aiste always overdresses our son anyways so cold is not a problem and safety we feel is a concern every parent should always have and is best to be always super careful whatever the seat you choose. In the end, we bought a chair that we used very little and we think we could have used it more if it was the front mounted version.

We hope your experience with bike seats will be better than ours if you have recommendations or want to share your experience let us know in the comment section.

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Get out and have fun, weekly ideas on our channel
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