Cabo da Roca, stunning views, great location and surf time

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In days past, this is where the world ended, the westernmost point of mainland Europe is an important coordinate for those sailing along the coast and a must visit for travellers that want to enjoy the marvellous views over the Serra de Sintra and the coast. For Aiste it was the sentimental journey as this was the first place she visited when she arrived in Portugal on her Erasmus days. One thing that really angers us is tourists throwing trash everywhere and not respecting nature, so the amount of tourism here really hurts the nature. Other than looking out and enjoying the view there was not much else to do, so we decided to meet up with some friends on a close by beach, praia da adraga, and check how the surf was on this coast. We quickly realized that our long break from surfing, since Aiste was pregnant, meant everything looked a lot scarier now, but we enjoyed our time there.

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Get out and have fun, weekly ideas on our channel
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