Quinta do Quetzal, wine, art, a garden and some ruins

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Mixing the traditions of wine making and modern art and architecture is not always easy, but in Quetzal there is a nice balance between the two. Located near Vila de Frades, not far from where we live the winery is somewhat isolated but absolutely beautiful, and what can we say about having a contemporary art exhibition space in the middle of Alentejo, we would have never though of it but it works.
Even though the restaurant has raving reviews online we didn’t have a chance to eat there so we don’t know about the quality of the food, but who knows maybe soon we will be able to go, but if the food quality even resembles the fantastic views you get from the restaurant area it will be worth a visit. We didn’t manage to film the dinning area very well as we didn’t want to bother the clients but trust us it’s a very nice place.
In the video you can see work from Erick Beltran & Jorge Satorre, Lucy McKenzie & Lucile Desamory, John Altoon & Ed Ruscha,
Thomas Schütte & Richard Deacon, Philippe Parreno & Rirkrit Tiranvanija, Emiliano Perino & Luca Vele, John Baldessari & Matt Mullican, Mika Rottenberg & Jon Kessler.

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Get out and have fun, weekly ideas on our channel
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