Our toddler wakes up way too early, life at morning hours

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Our son definitely wakes up earlier than what we would like, plus he is extremely active during these early hours, so we try to keep up and figure out where we can take him and what experiences are available at those hours so we can make the most of it. He does go to bed quite early so it’s only natural that he also wakes up quite soon and given that we want him to have as much rest as possible we don’t want to change his bed time so there only one thing to do – get used to it and go to bed early as well so we are not dead when he comes calling at sunrise. There are many articles online that address this so we guess this is quite common and that many parents would like to change it, but for us, even though it can be difficult at times we decided that this is his natural sleep cycle and that we need to adjust to it. He sleeps well, takes his nap, goes quite early to bed, he is in a good mood, so there is nothing we feel we need to change.
This time we were in Lisbon so we went to check out wonderland, of course it was still closed, it was too early so we had to wait.

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Get out and have fun, weekly ideas on our channel
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