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a photo from the rocks over Pego das Pias

Hidden away in rural Alentejo is a magical place that we had never heard of before. Pego das Pias was recommended by a follower and we are super glad and grateful for it. It’s so close to where we live so (it’s actually in the same district) so it was even a bigger surprise to find a place like this.
You can find Pego das Pias by taking the road that connects Odemira to São Luís and stopping on the bridge over Torgal a small river. From there you can proceed by foot like we did or drive on a dirt road a few more Km while your car can still drive as it’s a terrible road. It’s about 2Km form the bridge to Pego das Pias.
Upon arrival, you will find a place almost untouched by man and a beautiful rocky waterline, the perfect place to relax and run from the crowded beaches and tourists.
The name of the place “Pias” is associated with the cavities in the rock formations created by whirlpools when the waterline was higher.

What to do there?

It’s a perfect spot for cliff jumping and rope swinging to the water, I also want to take our small canoe there to explore a bit more and I believe it’s great. Although camping is not allowed this would be a perfect place to take a camper van 🙂
For most people, it will be a perfect spot to spend a day relaxing in nature.

See our video here:

What to take?

Certainly drinking water as you won’t find any facilities there and it gets pretty hot in Summer. Although people say the water here has healing properties, hmm not sure about that though. If you’ll walk like we did sunscreen is a must and some towels of course if you plan on taking a swim. We also took some food for a small lunch

The legend

Legend has it that a farmer daughter got sick and he promised a saint a crate of gold and oxen if his daughter was cured. His daughter got cured but he didn’t pay, after some time and because his daughter would go to this place to drink water she remained enchanted here. On St John’s night if you manage to hold onto the oxen and the golden crate you will break the enchantment and save the farmer’s daughter.

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How to get there?

On the road between Odemira and São Paulo stop or take the small dirt road on the bridge over Torgal, for about 2 Km.

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