Cortegana, recharge and enjoy the views in this Spanish town.

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We were in our house with no plans for the weekend, something that is not common, so I decided to look at where we could go around where we live and got curious about Cortegana.

Where is Cortegana?

Cortegana is a city in Spain from the Andalucia province of Huelva. Around the city is the Natural Park of Aracena a Spanish natural reserve a place we had already visited before so we knew we like the area. The city has a population of around 5,000 so it was just perfect for our weekend trip.

What is there to do in Cortegana?

  • Visit the castle. The main attraction is of course the castle of Cortegana. You can see it from quite far as it stands proudly on the top of the hill above the city.
  • Go hiking or biking. You are after all in a beautiful natural park and hiking is a great option if you have some hours to spare.
  • Visit the church “Iglesia del Divino Salvador” – The building is quite impressive and it dates back to the 14th/16th century and has a Gothic-Mudejar/Renaissance style.
  • San Sebastian Church, not only is the church a landmark of the city but the streets on the way there make for a nice walk and a way to have a feel for the cities vibe, well worth a walk.
  • Visitors Reception Center. Go check it out to get more information on trails or place to visit.
  • But our favourite is to just walk around the city and discover new places.

It was a great day!

I’ll be honest I didn’t expect much of this trip, it was after all a last-minute thing and probably, if not for our lack of planning, we wouldn’t have gone there. But the truth is we had a great day.
The city is super calm so you really feel like you are discovering things as you go, plus the architecture is surprising with lots of historic palaces, churches, ermits and of course the castle. It may not be on the top of everyone’s bucket list but that’s actually why it was great.

The views, oh my god the views.

From the castle, you have the most exquisite views of the natural park and the city, I think I could have easily stayed there for hours just relaxing and enjoying the breeze, o wait that’s exactly what we did while our son played around with tree branches 🙂 the only thing left would have been to watch the sunset from up there as we were not already in the castle to enjoy that golden hour moment. Another day maybe.

Where to stay?

Get out and have fun, weekly ideas on our channel
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