Leba, Poland Home of the Shifting Dunes- Słowiński National Park

Leba, Poland Home of the Shifting Dunes- Słowiński National Park


Leba is a Polish city in the Gdansk region and most people probably know of it for the dunes. That was also the reason for our visit, often called the Polish Sahara this is truly a unique place. Just small research on google will reveal photos of massive dunes surrounded by sea, lakes and forest, it really is quite the site.

Shifting dunes (Lacka Dune)

The dunes are about 10Km away from Leba and you can get there using the many buses and mini trains (actually tractors) that go every 20 minutes or so.
From the entrance, you can choose to either take another electric bus or just walk the remaining 5Km.
That’s what we did to enjoy the outdoors and also get to know nature, and I think it was a good idea, you have enough time to appreciate and relax walking through the forest.
When you get to the main attraction, the dunes you’ll be sure to be greeted by thousands of people so you’ll be glad you had those 5Km to yourself.
The Dunes are huge, but I think for me what really makes it unique is the surrounding area, lake, sea and forest almost swamp-like, it really is an all in one.
That’s why you’ll find yourself surrounded by people.

Leba, the city

The main city is quite touristic and overcrowded, it even feels more crowded than other beach towns in Poland. The streets are full of attraction for families and children so whether that’s a plus or a minus really is subjective, for us that means we need to convince our 4-year-old every two meters that we need to go.

Things to do in Leba, Poland

  • Dunes, of course, that’s the reason we came here.
  • Beach, long stretches of sandy golden beach, although quite windy.
  • Hiking the many forest trails
  • Enjoying the outdoors and the healthy air full of iodine and salt.
  • Walking around the streets
  • Visiting the many attractions, and I really mean many, you can find dinosaur parks, karts, off-road, quad tracks, trampolines, racehorses, golf, labyrinth parks, whatever you imagine they have it.

Should you visit Leba

It really depends on what you think is an ideal family holiday, Leba is full of attractions so if you plan on staying for a week you are sure to have plenty to entertain your family. If like us you came for the dunes and nature the city might feel like the opposite of the relaxed peaceful nature walk you were envisioning.
Our ideal visit would probably be in the campsite or in a place far enough from the main centre and close to nature.

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