Gdansk, Poland Old Town City tour

Gdansk, Poland Old Town City tour 1
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Certainly, one of Poland’s most beautiful cities Gdansk sits majestically by the Baltic sea and due to its location it played a big role in World War II and suffered extensive damage due to the bombing.
Surprisingly you can barely notice this as the city rebuild it’s historic centre very well.

Going to Gdansk by train

We were staying in Sopot a beach town close by so we decided to take the train to Gdansk and it was a short cheap at around €1 and pleasant ride, a great start to the day. The tri-cities ( Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia) are well connected by train and Bus so you will find it easy to travel between them.

Arriving in Gdansk

The city is quite big, touristic and crowded, and you notice it the moment you leave the train, we were visiting in August and even worst during some sort of festivities, probably the worst time of the year to visit, and we felt it was too much at times, even our usual alternatives like going to smaller less touristic streets didn’t work much.
Even so, it’s easy to see the appeal of the city, it’s without a doubt one of the nicest old towns in Europe with bright colours mixed with old tiled building a feast to the eyes.
It’s very easy to navigate and stroll around appreciating the architecture.

Is Gdansk Safe?

Yes, we would say so, at no point did we feel insecure visiting with our 3-year-old son. The only downside is that with the number of people in some parts of the old town just like in any large city you should be aware of pickpocketers. Also during our first hours we kind of lost Lukas and his Grandfather as they wandered off for just a few minutes, with the number of people everywhere it’s next to impossible to see anyone so for about 15 minutes we were in a bit of a parents panic attack.

Is Gdansk safe?

Things to do in Gdansk Poland?

  • Well visiting the old town is surely the first on the list, it’s just breathtaking, so be sure to see Dluga Street, Mariacka Street and
  • Motlawa River Embankment.
  • If you like history visiting the Museum of the II Worl War
  • Oliwa Cathedral
  • St Mary’s Church
  • St. Nicholas Church
  • The Chrane, Zuraw
  • Neptune’s Fountain
  • Ambersky, scenic circle (even though it’s a bit expensive)
  • Great armoury an amazing building
  • Train Station

Going by ferry

When it was time to head back to Sopot we decided to take the ferry and see Gdansk and Sopot by sea and it was also worth it, a different experience and an enjoyable relaxing way to travel, even if the weather didn’t collaborate much.

Gdansk map

Gdansk, Poland Old Town City tour 1
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