What is there to do in Sopot beach?

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We spent a week in the Polish coastline and decided to make Sopot our holiday base. It’s close to Gdansk so we could easily visit, but at the same time we were close to the beach, have forests to cycle, cheap accommodations and plenty of restaurants, bars and activities. That was our plan and apparently, a lot of people think so too as it’s full packed of people, I don’t remember seeing such a crowd lately on our travels as we did on our first afternoon there, a sea of people flooded the main street.
But don’t worry as with other such places this is kind of limited to the town centre so if you walk a little further you will enjoy quiet soft sandy beaches and a nice family friendly atmosphere.

Things to do in Sopot Beach

Our favourites where:

  • Beach

    There’s no denying this is what the main attraction and the reason people consider visiting Sopot. It’s a long, clean almost powdery sand beach, with lots of amenities. You can literally walk for miles or just sit on a beach cafe and enjoy the breeze while drinking a cocktail.

  • Forest walks

    We loved walking around the parks and forests that make up the coastline. You’ll find that there are many bicycle roads along the coast all of them perfectly maintained if you follow them at least. We took a detour and ended up having to push our bicycles through the sand.

  • Crooked house

    One of the main attractions in Sopot and the building is quite interesting and worth a visit if you’re in the area. Inside it’s just a cafe and shops but the facade is quite funny and hard to resist paying a visit. At night you can find a nightclub here.

  • Church of St George (Kościół Garnizonowy pw . św. Jerzego)

    This is surely the highlight of Sopot, nice architecture with great details situated in the heart of Sopot. Inside its impressive stained glass provides a shower of coloured lights that at the right time of day should be amazing.

  • Walk along Sopot’s pier

    Very long and one of the first places we went to while getting to know Sopot. We didn’t actually go to the pier that day as you need to pay to go there, so we decided to visit when we used the boat to go to Gdansk. It’s apparently the longest wooden pier in Europe not that the title makes any difference, the truth is walking on these wooden piers is quite enjoyable and somewhat romantic.

  • Bike tour

    Spend an afternoon biking here and we loved it, it was a chance to take all the family to a couple of far away beaches while enjoying the forest trails. We did get lost and found ourselves cycling in the sand so make sure you follow the road.

  • Windsurf

    We love watersports and wanted to try windsurfing here, in the end, we only managed to get one board as everything was booked but we can tell that the reason it was all booked is probably due to the cheap prices of rentals here. They have many water sports activities so you can certainly find something for you, just make sure you do book it early in the morning.

  • Sopot’s lighthouse

    I don’t think I have ever seen a lighthouse like this, it’s a beautiful tower that could be from a palace. The architect constructed a lighthouse and a viewing tower
    as a way to conceal a chimney for the boiler that heated the spa waters, quite creative.

  • Gdansk and back

    One of the reasons we chose Sopot was it’s proximity to Gdansk that would allow us to visit the city but at the same time stay in a more relaxed environment. We went by train and returned by boat so it was not boring at all and allowed us to see things from land and sea. Gdanks is a must see if you are in the area of course, but you probably already know that.

  • Hel

    Another popular destination, you can get there by train or boat if you are interested in visiting this peninsula. It’s a nice small narrow place that makes an excellent day trip. The village is touristic but it makes for a nice walk around the picturesque houses.

  • Nightlife

    Sopot seems to wake up at night. You’ll find the streets crowded even late at night in the centre with plenty of bars and nightclubs to choose from.

Where to stay?

Sopot is full of great options from the cheapest to the most luxurious, check some of them out here:


What to do in sopot when it's raining

The Aqua Park Sopot is a nice option as it's a good indoor option. If pool is not your thing then why not a visit to the museum or better yet the Forest Theatre for a show.

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