Glider aerobatics experience – Pociūnai, Lithuania

Glider aerobatics experience - Pociūnai, Lithuania 2
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We have been talking about glider’s for quite some time and we had already tried to take the first flight for a couple of times but there was always something that got in the way. This time we were doing it, so we prepared and went to bed really early as our flight was in the morning. Well not really, we were partying until 4am and it was extremely hard to wake up in the morning but nothing was going to stop us this time so we woke up and went for it.


We came here to jump on parachutes and this time we also booked our gliding experience here, everyone is super friendly and relaxed and it just feels like a big family. They are so relaxed in fact that the way they deal with bookings and flights can feel like they are all just big kids playing business. They gave us coffee we talked for some minutes and then they ask what kind of flight we want.
What kind of flight? We didn’t expect that question at all, and they told us they could do two types, the normal, cruising type flight and an acrobatic type flight. Aiste’s eyes just lit up and I knew then in my hangover mind I was in for a tough morning. I asked to be first and there we went.

How safe is paragliding?

I think it’s quite safe, they told us the basics of flying so we knew what we were in for, how to “jump” out if we needed to and use the parachuting, but at no point during the flight I fear for my life or felt insecure so I would say it’s super safe, there’s no chance of an engine failure as well.

What is the aerobatic flight?

Well, I had no idea this was even a thing but aerobatics is what I would call acrobatic. It’s basically performing crazy manoeuvres until your stomach ends up near your mouth. Not you’re normally a to b flight.

What does an aerobatic flight feel like?

That might depend on the person, of course, for us, there were two quite memorable manoeuvres, the loops and variants of loops were very cool and a nice experience, the waves were quite unpleasant and made me feel sick in seconds. All in all, it was a superb experience and a memorable one for sure.

How much does a gliding experience cost?

We paid €90 each for the aerobatic flight and I think the normal flight is about €75. It’s a 20-minute flight and although that seems not long it’s quite enough I think, especially for an aerobatic flight.

Where was this?

Pociunai is an airfield in the Kaunas region, close to Prienai.

Glider aerobatics experience - Pociūnai, Lithuania 2
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